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ClinAccess™/CaseBook™ (Overview)

ClinAccess™/CaseBook™ Image Management System is unlike any other product on the market. It has revolutionized the way clinical data management is performed and naturally integrates with ClinAccess™/PowerServer™. The system is extremely flexible and allows images to be received and entered via fax, scanner, email, web, or file. Images are indexed for storage and future retrieval at the same time they are logged into ClinAccess™ for forms control. Images are directly linked to the database for Forms Control, Data Entry, Query Resolution, and Dictionary Coding of Adverse Events (AEs) / Medical Terms. Images can easily be published as PDFs for electronic submission.

Key Features of the ClinAccess™/CaseBook™ system include:

  • Complete Integration
  • Intelligent Login
  • Data Entry
  • Data Clarification
  • Workflow
  • CRF Image Management
  • Forms Control


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