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MAJARO has been alliance partners with SAS since 1995 and in August of 2007 MAJARO became a SAS reseller. MAJARO now sells a variety of SAS products that provide businesses with the information necessary to outperform competition.

MAJARO offers a wide range of SAS products that address statistical analysis, business intelligence, and data quality. Please feel free to click on the product list to the left for more information on some of the SAS products that MAJARO sells.

Some of the benefits of SAS are:

  • SAS Products are used in 100% of the FORTUNE 500 Life Sciences companies.
  • SAS is the largest privately owned software company.
  • SAS invests 24% of its annual revenue in Research & Development.
  • SAS has 43,000 customers worldwide.
  • SAS is the Undisputed Leader in Business Analytics.

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