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ClinAccess: PowerServer


With ClinAccess™/PowerServer™, your data is always in SAS® datasets and available for instant analysis. Statistical analysis and reporting time is improved substantially and the time/cost to construct a separate database is eliminated. Thus, the time to market is greatly accelerated. Additionally, scalability is not an issue. Our client/server architecture delivers world-class data management and analysis for even the largest trials.

ClinAccess™/PowerServer™ includes all the capabilities required in a clinical trial environment: a graphical user interface, integrated data dictionary, single and double-key entry, customized data screens, interactive and batch edit checks, thesaurus support, an audit trail, forms management, eSubmission, and discrepancy management.

ClinAccess™/PowerServer™ provides unrivaled integration of all features required by even the largest clinical trials. It features enhanced capabilities such as:

  • Study Definition
  • Data Entry - 16 different types
  • Data Entry via Electronic CRF Images
  • Integrated Forms Flow Management
  • Discrepancy Management
  • Dictionary Coding System - 6 dictionaries
  • Clinical Data Review Tools
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Electronic Submissions
  • Six Types of Submissions

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