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MAJARO InfoSystems is the leading provider of SAS® Powered software applications and services for the clinical research industry and offers a comprehensive, integrated suite of clinical data management solutions. We have successfully participated in trials both in the U.S. and internationally, in Phase I-IV, and in multiple therapeutic areas.

Our flagship product, ClinAccess™ leads the way in simplifying clinical data management, clinical trial analysis, and preparation of electronic submissions. ClinAccess™ is the only available product to offer data capture, image processing, and tools for CRAs, medical monitors, and regulatory staff in a single integrated platform. Simple to use, the system provides powerful management tools to improve efficiency of the clinical trial process. With 17 years of clinical trials experience, strong alliances with SAS Institute and a focus on providing the most advanced clinical data management solutions possible, MAJARO is committed to being the world class provider of productivity enhancing software and services to the industry.

MAJARO is the leader in developing, delivering and supporting the most advanced SAS® based clinical data management systems. We bring decades of experience in SAS® programming and statistical analysis. Being a SAS® silver member partner, our entire system is written in SAS®, the industry standard for statistics, reporting and delivery to the FDA. Storing and managing all data in SAS®, ensures faster and more accurate submissions by eliminating the time and cost associated with converting data.

Additionally, MAJAROís CRO division offers a complete package of data management, analysis and bio-statistical services. Our team of highly skilled professionals are proficient with ClinAccess™, our state-of-the-art SAS-based® clinical data management software solution, and can provide data management, statistical analysis and regulatory reporting services to meet the clinical trial needs of our clients

Founded in 1987 by pharmaceutical industry professionals, MAJARO is a closely held company with corporate headquarters based in the heart of Silicon Valley. We are a cohesive, diverse and motivated group that responds to challenges and continues to achieve unsurpassed growth. The Companyís success to date has been a direct result of the management teamís vision, and the dedication of its employees.

MAJARO understands the demanding needs of the clinical research environment and is dedicated to bringing our customers the most advanced clinical trial systems available. We take pride in our customer service and relationships; our aim is to work with your team as a partner, not just a vendor.

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