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ClinAccess™ Overview

ClinAccess™ 5.1 is the next generation of the industry leading Clinical Data Management System based entirely on SAS® 9. It leads the way in simplifying clinical data management, clinical trial analysis and preparation of electronic submissions. Having your data keyed directly into SAS® data sets enhances your staff’s productivity. ClinAccess™ is designed expressly for ease-of-use data entry and management with features to monitor the progress and quality of ongoing clinical trials. Whether for review, analysis, or FDA submission, your data is always in SAS®. The database structure is designed to support and accelerate statistical analysis and reporting. The result is less time and effort for data analysis and a shorter time to market. For reliability, auditing and security, there is no better solution than ClinAccess™.

Additionally, our system provides greater flexibility in handling unique situations with a highly affordable return on investment. The result is ClinAccess™ allows you to achieve your clinical trial goals faster, with greater ease at lower cost.

Features of the ClinAccess™5.1 integrated solution include:

  • Study Definition
  • 16 Types of Data Entry (including Double-Key Entry and
    a complete Audit Trail).
  • CRF Imaging
  • Forms Control
  • Query Capture, Reporting, and Resolution
  • Dictionary Coding of Adverse Events (AEs) & Medical Terms
  • Clinical Data Review Tools
  • 21 CFR Part 11 and CDISC Compliant
  • Prepares Data and CRF Images to FDA e-Submission Standards

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